Upgrading and Renovating

I have accumulated many items of jewelry, some with precious stones, over the years by bidding on things in silent auctions for charity. Immediately they go into the safe in my closet. It does double duty as a gun safe as well since I have one firearm that I am permitted by law to keep on my premises or to carry as a concealed weapon. I bought this many years ago after a spate of burglaries in my area, and given my jewelry collection, I wanted to deter robbers, especially those that had even more evil in mind.

I value what I have amassed on behalf of various causes and don’t want to see a single piece of jewelry go missing. However, as the collection has grown, it has taken over the needed space for the gun. I need a new safe that is a bit larger but still fits within a reasonably small area. I am looking for something more compact yet allows for one or more pistols and a jewelry case or two. The current safe can easily be lifted and dragged away, so I seeking a built in or something that can be bolted down.

I am planning on an electronic lock as I here tell they are easy to operate as long as you don’t forget the combination. I know you have to replace the batteries now and then, but I am pretty good at remembering things. I don’t need anything too fancy or expensive such as a biometric gun safe you can open using your voice or fingerprints. While I love things that are state of the art, this feature seems excessive for what I now own.

I want my new safe to be fireproof as well and have the requisite seals that react to heat and close off any openings. I can then place important documents inside along with the gun and bling. Since no one will see the safe, it doesn’t matter if it has hinges on the door inside or out. I don’t need a custom sleek design. I am going for the basics that are most practical and affordable.

I know many people keep their safes under the bed and this seems so obvious. It is the first place a thief will look and he will force you to open the unit in the hope of finding cash. In the closet, bolted to the wall behind my clothes, the safe will be less conspicuous. I would get there before the robber and stave off any ransacking of my apartment. Yes, guns must be used at critical times in one’s life for security and protection. But you have to know what you are doing and have the maximum of self-control.

So I expect to be covered in terms of fire, flood, and earthquake damage and to ward off home invaders. I do not expect to carry the weapon in a holster on my person. I have made this personal decision to eliminate rash actions and retaliation from assailants. Some people differ on this point, but I feel that mugging isn’t going to be imminent.