Sewing for Charity

Have you ever thought about putting your sewing machine to good use for the benefit of the community and others? There are so many worthy causes that you can take part in. Your generosity can change lives. A cursory online check will let you know which projects you can participate in; within your locality or even internationally.

So how can you participate in sewing for charity?

  • Donating sewing machines

You may have a sewing machine that is collecting dust in your house because no one uses it; how about giving it to someone deserving. The Salvation Army will accept sewing machines that are still in good working order. All you need to do is allocate some time and drop it off at one of the collection points.

  • Volunteer to teach

You can share your skills with other people by volunteering your services as a tutor. Some organizations teach new skills to individuals who have been through hard times. Domestic violence shelters and homeless shelters help people rebuild their lives. You never know; by teaching someone how to use a sewing machine, you could be changing a life entirely.

  • Donations

With your love for sewing, you are always making new stuff. You probably have items you no longer use. Collect such items and drop them off to the nearest collection point or the Salvation Army. You can also drop them at your church, children homes, among others.

The donations can also be in the form of specific items. Cancer support facilities, for example, need special bags for palliative care. Patients need personal effects bags and syringe bags, among others.

Activity mats are helpful for people who have autism, dementia, or head trauma. If you have a particular skill in that area, you could donate such items to the caregivers or facilities. Your local hospital should be able to advice on how you can help.

Do not throw out any old sewing patterns. Together with your sewing machine, you can donate them to those who need them. Goodwill or Salvation Army accepts such donations. You can also identify any sewing clubs or schools so that younger people can benefit from them.

  • Volunteer services

Volunteer your sewing services to organizations or homes that cater to the needy. Typical children’s home, for example, will have many sewing or repair needs. By donating your services, you save them from having to hire someone to do the work.

Sewing for charity allows you to put your sewing machine to good use. Whether you are donating actual items or even your time, you can change someone’s life. Do not throw out any sewing items you are no longer using. Patterns, thread, sewing machines are some of the items someone else can find good use for. You can donate your time to teaching other people some essential sewing skills. With such actions, you get to arm someone else with the ability to perhaps earn an income or save some money from what you teach them. All you need to do is identify a worthy cause and pass on your love for sewing.