Every Dollar Really Does Help


Some people scoff at the idea of giving to charity because they believe that giving to charity is useless unless you can give millions of dollars to the cause. This is patently untrue, and it is an attitude that tends to cede ground to the wealthy donors of the world. Wealthy donors will sometimes be biased in the causes that they choose to support.

Being a charitable donor makes someone a stakeholder, and it is important to make sure that people from all economic backgrounds have that kind of power. As such, it is important to emphasize the reality that every dollar really does make a difference when it comes to charity. Larger donations are great, but many charities are still kept alive due to small and steady charitable donations.

Doctors Without Borders estimates that it takes around thirty dollars to purchase a basic medical kit that will save lives. Thirty people giving a dollar each will collectively save all of those lives. Naturally, all thirty of them giving thirty dollars is going to make a tremendous difference. Thirty dollars is a reasonable charitable donation for a person on a solid middle-class income. A dollar is a reasonable charitable donation for an impoverished person. Middle-class people and poor people both tend to be generous, and many of them have no problem with supplying these sorts of donations.

The people who scoff at relatively small donations are often just trying to rationalize away doing anything at all. People who would rather do nothing will tend to shame people for doing something. Doing a little is always better than doing nothing. In the context of a society in which a lot of people will do a little, then the importance of doing a little is a very good idea to promote.