Dress Down Day

Who remembers a time when there was such a thing as “dress for success?” There were rules that someone made up about what is appropriate at work and what is not. It was almost as if you wore a uniform: a navy blue suit, a white blouse, and a maroon string tie under the collar. If you wore this garb, you were assured of a promotion and a raise. People now say what a croc. You can wear most anything to work these days unless there is a strict dress code. Many companies have them and I for one am appreciative. People look nice and professional and perhaps it actually affects their work ethic. Imagine that. How you dress makes a difference to productivity. It isn’t a novel idea. While dress for success has runs its course, there is a certain demeanor that one is expected to have at work. This is particularly true if there are clients and visitors in the office or special events and conferences.

I do have these occasions that I host and am expected to set a good example. It is not a high-tech work atmosphere where torn jeans and a work shirt will do. You stand out like a sore thumb if you don’t comply. I don’t mind dressing up for work when the situation merits it and we do get breaks now and then. We have a dress down day now and then when we can kick back in some casual clothes and a comfortable pair of flip flops. If you want to have a good laugh, my flip flops are not rubber but are made out of nice leather. Why would I indulge? For dress down day. Flip flops are not Just Beach Things. A nice pair can accessorize any outfit from pants to sweats. They come in many different colors and even patent leather. They are the best flip flops I know. I wear them to the grocery store to do my shopping and to run errands everywhere. They don’t fall apart like the rubber kind and look like hell. You know the kind: the ones that cost a dollar at the drugstore. Meanwhile the leather ones are sold in nice department stores by brands like Coach. They are for people who want to wear flip flops in style.

So when dress down day comes, I am ready. There is a limit, however, as to how far to go. There is a trend now to wear pajamas in public. This is not my speed. Just give me some pants and a blouse and I am “business casual.” Let the torn jeans stay in the closet for a day at the park running with the dog. We don’t do casual Friday every week like many companies so it keeps people in check. Nothing is outlawed on dress down day so it is fun to see what people conceive of as non-business clothing. I am not the only one wearing flip flops by the way. They are very popular.