Awesome Score for a Great Charity

Hey, everyone! I just couldn’t wait to log in and tell you all the great news! I’ve been working for two weeks now to help out a charity close to my heart—Habitat for Humanity. I really wanted to help one of the local chapters out because they have done such wonderful things for the people here. I asked them what dream items are on their wishlist, and they actually had to get back to me. I guess it isn’t a question they usually get—people typically donate money and then they just go buy what they need. Leave it to ol’ Samantha to make things difficult! I did get a phone call two days later; after deep consultation, they told me they could use a couple of air compressors. However, good heavy-duty ones like what they need aren’t exactly cheap. I told them I would see what I could do. They said they understood if I couldn’t come through. But honestly, dear readers, I just felt like I could not let them down! Especially because they didn’t seem to think it was possible. You know me, I like to make the impossible happen!

So yours truly went to a specialist store near my house called Compressor Force and I talked to the assistant manager. I know, not the best person to start with but she was the only one there at the time and my goal was to rally as many people to my side as possible on the management team. It couldn’t hurt, right? She really wanted to help, so she pitched it to the manager. He was into it too, so he went to the owner. The owner wasn’t big on the idea, and honestly, I don’t blame him. Habitat’s resale store does take away some of his customers. I wasn’t trying to make any enemies here, and so I told him he had every right to make his own decision and say no. I left it at that, but then the next day I got a call from the assistant manager. She told me that the employees were actually willing to donate some of their salaries to buy two compressors, and when the owner found out, he changed his mind! Happy dance!

I called him up right away, before he could change his mind. He did have one request: he asked me if he could stencil his store’s logo on the side and I thought that was a really good way to show some good faith and keep him happy. After all, the volunteers who use the equipment might want one of their own and now they’ll know where to get it. It feels like everyone wins this way. The owner’s putting the stencils on today and they should be ready to go by tomorrow!

I cannot wait to pick these babies up and bring them over to the Habitat people. They are not going to believe it. Hopefully, this is the start of more “grand” things for the area, and it just goes to show you that people will step up and be kind in the most amazing ways!