Another Successful Auction

If you hook yourself onto my star, you will have to get into charity fundraising. I expect to attend an auction or supportive event at least once a month. I am on everyone’s mailing list of course. I help out and volunteer since I can’t give grand; but maybe you can. It is so important to be a part of your community. Think big, select an organization for a donation, and go for a nice sum. Every charity needs more money and we wrack our brains for new ideas to capture kind-hearted people and bring them into the fold. One of the best ways is a charity auction that features super nice items that people want and therefore they will bid on them. You must get these items donated from local companies so there is no expense involved. It is good to have a variety of coupons for dinner at popular restaurant, days at the spa or salon, baskets of wine and cheese, jewelry and accessories. Men love sports memorabilia so don’t fail to include some. Now if you are running a charity auction, also go for the big time and get something like a top rated inflatable SUP and add a couple of free lessons for a willing instructor.

These inflated paddleboards are becoming more and more popular with people who live near a lake or river, or better yet the shore. They are durable and long-lasting and easy to deflate, fold up, and store. You can attach them by means of a D-ring to a boat or a dock. They have a nonslip surface which makes them easier to ride. You get better balance and avoid falling off. We made a display of the deflated board and a big photo of someone riding the waves at the beach. It looked easy and fun. The instructor promised me it made for a good time and we would secure many bids. I was so sorry that I couldn’t afford to get it and outbid the first people who raced to the auction table once the doors were open. I watched as the bids climbed and reveled in the thought that the charity would make a bundle. We should get a board donated every year. The water recreation supply company did not say no. Once we explained where the money would go, they are on board, pun intended.

If you have never tried an inflatable paddleboard, you are in for some adventure. They are just as sturdy, made of PVC and a special stitching construction, and they are certain just as good as the permanent non-inflatable kind. The paddleboard was the big ticket item that brought in a tidy sum. I am so glad we thought of it. It outranked all of the other auction items although in total, they made for a successful event. On to the next one! Each one has a different theme and attendees. Sometimes there is a lavish dinner for which people pay a hefty price. It’s another world, my friend.